About Richa Sehra

Richa is an energetic, creative, and resourceful editorial professional with years of experience overseeing functions for a variety of direct and social platforms. She is well-versed in all areas of managing the publication including sourcing content, coordinating staff, contract writers, photographers and designers, copy editing, dealing with management, and medical professionals. She is an experienced professional in all facets of management from planning and scheduling the final executions.

Richa was born in a business family of Bhiwani; she is an alumnus of ICFAI, Hyderabad, and worked with top corporate companies which enhanced her work experience.

 She has closely worked with the management of top reputed hospitals and this was the phase that created an impact on her mind. She was so influenced by the planning and dedication of hospital management and staff. As per her, a hospital is not only a part of the industry; it nourishes the dedicated humans who have chosen this industry as a career.

During the initial days of her career, she has worked as a team leader, lead many teams in top management companies in India. She has written a lot of content related to hospital management, protocols in hospitals, approach of management.


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About Her

As Founder and editor-in-chief, she is an expert in curating the relevant content with an updated and creative bent of mind. Due to her professional and systematic approach in building and inspiring exceptional editing team performance and collaborating with medical professionals and hospitals, she has given a strong base to Responsible Hospitals by her professional experience and bought a fresh and innovative perspective to fulfill an extensive range of responsibilities.
During the lockdown, she has worked tirelessly to feature medical professionals and present their actual picture so that people can understand the struggle, the dilemma, and the dedication of their work for saving lives.

Personally, she has been very vocal and an active supporter of working mothers post-delivery. She herself is a working mother and believes that working professionally after giving birth should be as natural as the role of a caregiver for mothers and they deserve all the possible support mentally and physically. She has been continuously working to support and create a positive mindset for new mothers.

As per Richa, “Females must possess the self-worth, self-confidence and freedom to choose the actual right thing with regard to their private plus professional choices likewise. Gender bias is usually unreasonable and incorrect on so many levels, curbing strong individuals from not necessarily only striving toward their best but from living a great independent life free of charge of domination plus fear.”

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